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The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 10

Dar Gremath asks even more of the party.

Upon waking the next day the party are treated to a heroes breakfast. Though, they had not spent long eating until they are summoned by Dar Gremath. In the barn that serves as the makeshift command outpost is where the party find him. He is in what seems like grim discussions with several other rebel leaders. Upon seeing the heroes he brightens up and says:

“Ah! Our heroes have awakened! Your rest was well earned. Though I fear we must ask even more of you.”

He waits for this information to sink in before launching anew.

“Nazin, the dog, has retreated to Iron Keep with the rest of his army. We have many a man stationed around Harken itself to ensure he does not try and march on us again. Though I’m glad to say he does not have the man power enough to do so.”

Dar Gremath sighs.

“A siege, however, could leave him trussed up in there for a month or so. Long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Unless his supplies run out quicker than we anticipate.”

“What can we do?” asks Glaimes in his strange accent.

The rebel leader seems relieved as the party offers their help.

“We need to end it quick. The best way to do that is to find Redthorn, and end him.”

“Infiltrate the keep you mean?” asks Graydon.

“Yes” says Dar succinctly.

Puzzled by the proposition, Lady Mondergreen puts in “how are we supposed to do that? He has the rest of his army locked up in there. If we’re caught…”

She leaves her sentence open to allow everyone to draw their own conclusions.

“You are by far the most resourceful group of individuals I have ever met.” Dar says with an energetic rise in his voice. “I am certain that you will be able to pull this off.”

The party agrees a short time later to attempting to infiltrate the keep and then finding and killing Nazin Redthorn. Dar Gremath suggests they find an ancient dwarf that still resides in Harken. As this dwarf helped in the keep’s construction and may know a few secrets that could help the party with the infiltration. A dwarf by the name of ‘Old Keller’.

Before the sun has barely hit the midpoint of it’s journey, they party set out for Harken town.



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