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The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 11

Old Kellar, The Dwarves & The Iron Keep

Making haste, the party heads for the city of Harken. No patrols other than that of the rebels are encountered along the way. On the outskirts they all stop and decide to send Graydon in by himself as he has a knack for staying out of sight. He agrees, but not eagerly.

Heading in alone seems to be pointless as the streets are empty of activity. No one stirs in the windows as the halfling makes his way through town.

Despite Dar Gremath‘s instruction on how to find Ol’ Kellar, Graydon gets lost. He finds himself at a temple, which he enters unseen to seek directions. Inside he finds a female priest or cleric, he is not sure, and reveals him presence to her. She starts on shock but is quickly says: “You should not be here. If they find you…”

Graydon assures her he means no harm and only seeks to find Old Keller. The woman directs him back down the road and left at the junction. “Quickly go, if they catch you it will be the end for me too.”

Thanking the lady, Graydon melds back into his surroundings and leaves hastily. Now quickly able to locate the house Graydon ensures it is the house he is looking for and returns to his companions. All attempting to move unseen through the town they make for Old Kellar’s.

Arriving without incident, they knock on the door.

“Who is it?” a distinct Dawrvish voice yells, “friends” reply the party. The door opens to reveal a dwarf bearing age lines as deep as crevices along his face. His eyes as white as snow. Old Kellar is blind and older than the keep sitting in Harken. “Get inside ya’ daft bastards. ’Afore they sees say.”

In his gruff manner, Kellar instructs the party, of a secret passageway within the keep that will lead directly to the living quarters on the top floor. The entrance for which is behind a tapestry in the dining hall. After much discussion on how to actually enter the keep the party decide on using their stolen cloaks to enter.

Old Kellar points out that of those in the employ of the Iron Circle there are no Dwarves or Halflings or Githzerai or Warforged. At a loss, the party are almost prepared to give up on that line of thought when Kellar offers some more information. A brewery regularly delivers supplies up to the keep. That itself is run by two brothers and one of their wives. Perhaps they will loan you barrels to hide in while the disguised female Tiefling drives the cart up?

Thinking this a good plan the party thank Kellar for his advice and stealthily make their way to the brewery. As the party draws near, yelling can be heard. Both a male and female voice join in arguing over something inconsequential. Most likely the tough times that have fallen upon them due to the occupation of Harkenwold.

One of the dwarves, supposedly the unmarried brother greets the party with a smile as they knock upon his door. He ushers them inside where the yelling is almost deafening. The couples voices die down when they realise they have company. Only the husband comes out as hate radiates after him. His wife’s gaze boring holes in the back of his head.

“Greetings” is all he offers up.

The party introduce themselves and their aim. Also letting be known that Old Kellar has suggested the group try the dwarves for aid. Which they are more than happy to offer if it means “they’ll be rid of the blasted circle.”

Having overheard the conversation, the female dwarf berates her husband as he walks past on his way to prepare the horse and cart. He threatens her, telling the woman to be quiet. The brother only smiles after the two. And explains that they actually love each other very much. Arguing is the only way they can show it.

Soon the horse and cart are ready. Lady Mondergreen donning her Iron Circle cloak. The other members of the party taking positions within the barrels to hide themselves. Wishing them good luck, the brewers send the party on their way. Sure enough, as soon as the party are down the road some, shouting erupts from the homestead once more.

From the brewery, the party trudges along the road down to the base of the hill that the keep sits upon. There the slow going takes the cart up towards the keeps main gate. There the cart is stopped. And Lady Mondergreen left to gain entrance to the keep by herself. As the rest of the party lay hidden in kegs in the cart…



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