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The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 4

Returning to Tor's Hold, with a prisoner.

Lady Mondergreen leads Groopk, the Frog monster, along the King’s Road. Hands tied behind his back, rope around his neck, and an intricate knot around the animal’s legs. This last attached to the knots at his neck to prevent the use of the incredible jump his species is known for. He whimpers and moans, occasionally saying something under his breath in the primordial language of his kind. Glaimes Fireforge moves with speed by the Tiefling’s side chatting to the Halfling boy who walks along at his. The boy whom they just rescued from the returning raiding party, the prize of Uggloor.

“It’s getting dark, will we find my parents tonight?” he asks the dwarf.

“Probably not.” Says Glaimes.

“Very well, maybe we can find them tomorrow” resigns the boy, “where are your friends?” he quickly chimes in. “They were there to help free me. Did they forget something?”

Glaimes doesn’t take his eyes off coming fork in the road. He says “Don’t worry about them. They stayed behind. But they’ll catch up in time.”

Turning off at the fork, the small party trudges along. The sun closing to the horizon and slowly starts becoming a half circle. It is nearly dark when they arrive at Tor’s Hold.

The dwarf moves forward with the boy while Lady Mondergreen hangs back in sight of the archers, leash in hand. The archers look down and mutter to one another. Groopk shifts uncomfortably, visibly worried. Glaimes steps towards and bangs on the large double door. It is large enough to admit a horse and cart twice across. A smaller door sits in one of them. At the eye level of a human, a rectangle shape slips back to reveal two eyes looking out.

“Who is it?” barks the voice.

“We’ve returned from the caves” shouts out Glaimes, “and we have brought one prisoner.” Glaimes looks to the boy, who looks back up to him. A smile spreads over the dwarf lips.

The small door swings open inward and the frame of a man in armour is silhouetted against a fire burning in a brazier.

Gruffly, he says “You actually did it? You cleared that hole of those filthy creatures? And you bring us one. Why not simply end him? It would have been merciful compared to what this town will do to him.”

The gruff man thinks this over for a minute. As if weighing his options. He moves out of the darkness and into the moonlight. His features becoming clear. Bran Torsson is a big man. Balding, grey but you muscles ripple under his clothing where you can see it. A two handed bastard sword sits at his side and a dagger at the other.

“Well” he says. “That I can’t promise, only that I will try to explain it to the people. And hopefully, they will understand.”

“But where are your two fellows? The metal man and the squishy green thing? Where are they? Have they fallen?”

This time Lady Mondergreen chimes in, she says: “They are idiots, they’d stay back to fight unnecessarily.”

He nods his head solemnly. Stepping back from the door, he gestures for you to enter. “Very well, get you inside. The Halfling lad can stay here the night as well. While we wait on your friends, tell us of your adventure…”


“We’ve returned from the caves” shouts out Glaimes, “and we have brought one prisoner.” Glaimes looks to the boy, who looks back up to him. A smile spreads over the dwarf lips.

LoL. Something creepy going on there i think.

The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 4

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