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The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 4

A party is re-united

Two figures trudge along the dirt path. One has an arm around the other, helping him to walk. The moon long risen casting a silvery white light over the pair. Gish coughs. The Warforged keeps moving with mechanical endurance.

The duo arrive at the doorway to the hold in the middle of the night, guards calling down at you.

“Who goes there?”

To which RP118 replies: “It is I, Gears, with Gish. He is badly injured.”

Soon after the door bursts open and out runs Glaimes, Lady Mondergreen and a rough looking middle aged man. Looking Gish over, he calls out back to the keep:

“Get the healers up and ready!”

In the morning, Gish looks visibly better. The Hold’s healers have worked through the night and managed a near miracle. Despite the dramatics of the night, all of you have somehow managed to have an extended rest.

At your morning meal, Bran Torsson sits down at your table.

He says “sorry to get you at breakfast. But I wish for you to convey the Dar Gremath that we of Tor’s Hold will aid in the freeing of Harkenwold from the Reavers. Please, head to Albridge and convey this as soon as you have taken the boy to his people. Take the road south rather than the King’s road. This will take you by the White River where his people dwell. And hopefully away from any Iron Circle patrols.”

The boy looks up from his meal at this, “aye, they travel up and down. Running supplies and weapons for the rebels. But I’m sure we’ll find them.”

You are given some more travelling rations by those of Tor’s Hold and led to the south gate. On your way, Bran says, “before you go, there is something I wish for you to see.”

A group of soldiers leads the captive Gloorpk up onto a wooden platform. The green skinned creature looks around wildly as if for a way to escape or some kind of miracle. A group of villagers has gathered and looks on with interest. You hear, ‘…deserves it..’ and ‘…filthy monster…’ as well as other unflattering things muttered amidst the crowd. One of the Hold’s mages moves in front of Gloorpk and begins casting a spel. A swirling purple mist envelops the creature as it’s body expands and contracts.

As the mist clears from the platform, simply disappearing, Gloorpk has disappeared. Where the creature’s feet would have been now sits a regular toad. It croaks and begins to frantically hop away but is scooped up by one of the soldiers and placed in a container.

“Fair ye well, travellers. You have done us here a great service.” Says Bran “and I hope to repay that debt soon.”

Bran waves as you walk off down the dusty road.



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