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The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 5

Meeting with Dar

You travel for half a day before making it to the outskirts of town. Making your way into Albridge without incident you first come across the stablery. This is where you were told that you would find the leader of the rebels. A man named Dar Gremath,

The smell of manure is what hits you first as you move into the yard. A large-shouldered grey haired man combs down a black horse. He notices you approaching and greets you:

“Haven’t seen you around before. Adventurer’s, eh? I’ve had an adventure or two myself, a long time ago, name’s Dar Gremath. What can I do for ye’?”

Gish steps forward , nods, and he speaks:

“Greetings, Dar Gremath, we have come from Tor’s Hold where Bran Torsson instructed us to seek you out.”

“Bran, aye?” Says Dar. “Last I heard he was having trouble with some toads down that way. They still troubling him?” He chuckles to himself.

“Not anymore,” chips in Glaimes, “we saw to that.”

“Yes we did.” Continues Gish. “And Bran sends word that now his town is free from the Bullywug menace, he will have warriors join you when battle approaches.”

Dar looks pleased with himself. He had stopped brushing the horse in front of him as the news was broken. Picking up where he left off with long controlled strokes, he begins speaking again:

“Resourceful ye’ are. Now, you still haven’t told me what I can do for you?” He leaves the question hanging as he continues on with his work.

Looking to his fellows, Gish thinks for a second. Almost abashedly, and quiet enough as not to let his voice travel, Gish says:

“Bran also said to seek you out if we wished to aid the rebels. That you were leading an underground resistance against these marauders. And that you may have work that is in need of doing.”

Dar doesn’t stop combing down the horse. If anything, he is even more intent on the task at hand as he moves around the front of the animal to begin on the other side. From here he has his back to the wall and can keep an eye on the adventurers.

“Word came yesterday that Ilyana were saved from these brigands by a group of adventurers. And Reithann has passed word of a group in the area seeking to aid our cause.”

He pauses, hangs the brush from a hook on the wall and calls out:

“Graydon, I’ve some folks I’d like you to meet.”

From one of the stalls, out steps a brogue Halfling. Bow in hand and arrow notched but no longer at the ready. You get the impression he has been listening to you the whole time. In his mouth is a single piece of straw.

He nods.

Bran gestures to the rogue. “This ‘ere be Graydon. Last night up in Easthill he managed to end the lives of ten of the raiders. Though, the way he tells it, I think he enjoyed it a little too much.”

Graydon shifts the straw to a corner of his mouth and let’s the other curve up into what might be recognized as a smile.

“The five of you, I have a plan if you are truly interested in aiding our little rebel alliance.” Says Dar Gremath ,looking from face to face to gauge the level of interest on each. Satisfied, he continues, “on the road east of here will be travelling a wagon out to Easthill. It will contain vital supplies for the soldiers out that way along with their pay for the month. You could rob it. It is guarded, but for a resourceful group as yourselves, well.” He let’s the last trail off into a smile gesturing, open palmed. He Shrugs.

“And roughly when will this wagon be heading past?” Asks RP118.

Dar replies: “The wagons will head out early tomorrow morning. A few miles east of here are some standing stones that will provide a decent amount of cover for an ambush. Do what you must and keep what you like.”

Gish says: “Alright, it shall be done.”

With that, the adventurers agree and introductions are made with Graydon along the way. They camp overnight and wake early, to setup their ambush.



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