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The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 7

The Elves and the Necromancer.

The party are lead into a glade.

Many elves are here. They move aside and make way for the party. Looking at them with what could only be described as curiosity.

Through the throng the party are led to Eriyel who greets the adventurers warmly.

“Welcome,” she says. “I am Eriyel, and we are the Woodsinger elves. Tell me, what has brought you to me?”

The party look to one another, finally, they say “we have come on behalf of the rebels of Harkenwold. They oppose the Iron Circle and wish for your aid in the coming battle. Surely you can see the need for co-operation at this time?”

The elven lady looks troubled for a second, but regaining her composure says: “Yes, this evil affects us all. But this fight is not our fight. And we will not send any of our number to die needlessly.”

Disheartened by this the party pleads to the lady, saying “you could make a difference. The Circle will turn their attention to you once they are through with Harkenwold. You must see that you’re help is needed.”

Eriyel sighs, it seems she wants to help but maybe there are other factors weighing on her decision. “There is an alternative” she says, “not far from here there are the ruins of an Eladrin outpost. A necromancer has taken up residence there and we fear that he will surely use the ancient magicks recorded there for evil. If you remove this threat for us then we will be beholden to you to repay this debt.”

“What do you say?”

Standing speechless the party quickly regain themselves and confer with each other without speaking. Nods and gestures lead to an agreement and finally the party says:

“Where is this outpost?”

She does not respond, but rather produces a vial of blood and holds forward to the party.

“Take this, it is green dragon’s blood obtained at great cost. To the west is a circle of standing stones. While all of you are standing within the circle, tip just a little on a pedestal you will find in the middle of the ring the stones make.”

Taking the vial, the party says: “Thank you, m’lady. We will surely use this for great good. But now, I must ask, it is late. And we are tired, may we setup camp here for the night and embark upon this quest in the morn?”

“You may.” Responds the lady and the party are led away. They are left alone, within the limits of the elven encampment but away from the bulk of the elves. Camp is setup quietly and soon the party are asleep. Knowing that for tonight, the watchful eyes of the elves protect them.

Camp is packed up quickly, and breakfast eaten on the road, as the party make haste. They quickly arrive at the ruined standing stones but quickly discover they are not the first to arrive. A cart sits alone on the small dirt track leading past the site. There is no rider nor beast to pull the wagon in sight.

Moving in stealth, the adventurers move quietly up to the wagon. When they get within a few feet they begin hear the breathing and snoring of humanoids.

Gish alone moves in quietly, signalling for the party to wait. As he gets closer and peers in he sees three goblins, dead asleep. Using signs he communicates this to the party and urges them to come upto the wagon quietly.

Lady Mondergreen and Graydon take up position around the wagon and, in unison, strike the sleeping goblins true. Killing them in their sleep.

The party loots around the wagon for any evidence of where these goblins have come from. But find none. As they give up their search and turn attention to the standing stones they notice the trees around the site moving. Disturbed by the noise being made near the wagon.

Spiders spring from the limbs of the trees and rush upto the party. Attacking them quickly.

Two of the spiders are killed but two others are in the circle as blood is poured on the pedestal. Glowing runes appear that Gears quickly reads. He speaks, saying ‘Dal Nystiere.’

As the words leave his metallic mouth, a pulsing blue green light erupts around the rim of the standing stones. The forest surrounding the party disappears in a flash of light.

Disappearing as quickly as it came the world around them is replaced with what looks to be an underground dungeon. A searing pain strikes the party as they appear within runic circles etched upon the floor. Which brightly light up the area around them. Regaining themselves quickly they notice that, other than the spiders that transported with them, they are not alone.

Several Hobgoblins are in the area as well as two small drakes in cages by a large double door.

“WHAT? WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? GET THEM!” Yells a voice behind them that. They turn, finding the voice belonging to goblin holding a rod with a skull atop.

Many of the goblins fall easily. The one holding the skulled rod uses magic to force one of the party to do his bidding. Though, they resist and the psychic pain inflicted is great. The goblin retreats to the top of a set of stairs and throws down magic attacks as he does.

The drakes are enraged by the fighting and attempt to break free of their cages. Gish runs up the wall to the landing at the top of the stairs. As he reaches the top, he crosses over runic symbols that are written all the way around the platform. Magic from the runes damages him. But he shrugs it off spying scrolls on a desk that sits on the platform. Grabbing them, he steps onto the stairs and out of the area in which the runes have an effect.
Seeing that his way is now barred, the goblin jumps off the stairs and lands awkwardly. He tries to make it to the cages but is hit by arrows from Graydon and falls.

The spiders are given bodies of the fallen goblins and they become content, gorging themselves.

Though, the drakes keep up their effort and try to break out of their confines. The party attempt to sate them the same way that the spiders were. But the bodies are too big to fit between the bars of the cages. Two of the arms are lopped off and fed to each drake. This keeps them quiet.

Some treasure is found but the adventurers are distracted by two sets of double doors leading further into the complex.

Successfully listening through the door the party can hear the clacking of bones on the stone floor. Readying themselves, Gears uses his skills to unlock and open the door. Gish rushes in. The floor underneath him drops but luckily he grabs hold of the ledge.

At the bottom of the pit which had just opened are metal spikes. Some bones are still evident of the last victim to fall into the trap.

In the room are three skeletons. Two have swords and move closer to the party. The third wear a robe and shouts commands to the two other undead.

Graydon and Gears circle around to the other set of doors and spring the trap in there. The Halfling manages the leap over and makes his way for a lever in the corner of the room.

Having pulled himself out of the pit, Gish circles around a pillar that is somewhat cut off with spider webs. As he rounds the corner, a spider materialises in front of him. Biting down at him with it’s maw.

Lady Mondergreen and Glaimes jump over the pit successfully and begin to attack the skeletons directly. Knocking one into the pit.

Graydon pulls at the lever after dodging several of the wizard’s attacks. The false floors swing shut, with one of the skeletons still at the bottom of the pit. The other skeleton falls lifeless shortly after. Gish escapes from the spider’s attacks after having injured it greatly. He joins the fray against the wizard and the party soon end him in concentrated effort.

On his person they discover a key. They search the room and discover more arcane texts and more treasure. Along one of the walls is a table upon which rests the bones of a great dragon. Scattered around are the remains of a ritual interrupted.

Remembering the pain inflicted from the portal on the way in, the party take their chances with the door behind the spiders webs. Finishing off the giant insect before attempting to open it. They find it locked, but luckily the key they carry unlocks it.

They exit a long tunnel in the middle of the forest and make their way back to the elvish camp.

Eriyel promises the support of the Woodsingers. She asks the party to join them in celebration of ridding the ruins of the great evil. Soon after the party fall asleep. In the morning the adventurers awake to find the clearing empty. It’s as if the elves weren’t there at all.



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