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The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 8

Preparing for Battle

Packing up, the adventurer’s plan to return to Albridge to convey the good news. Before they can leave a horse & rider thunder into view. Soon the rider and horse are at the party. Dust cloud billowing out behind them. The rider, a young Halfling woman, speaks:

“Ah, I thought I would find you here somewhere. Dar Gremath sends word. Your actions have sparked the Iron Circle into action. He gathers his army to march on Albridge. Dar Gremath asks you return. We need your help!”

Agreeing, the adventurers finish their packing. The rider explains that she has many miles to travel today, gathering allies, and heads off. Kicking up dust in her wake.

Pushing on, the party leaves for Albridge and arrives mid afternoon passing several rebel pickets. Quickly identified, they are ushered to the makeshift headquarters of the alliance. This is setup in a barn. As the adventurer’s enter, they see community leaders from around Harkenwold. Some known, others not. Ilyana is already here, Adalbar from the bar fight also, Bran Torsson of Tor’s Hold, the druid Reithann, the Halflings boy’s father, a few other Halflings unknown, and lastly, Dar Gremath. Grim looks on their faces all.

Dar Gremath welcomes the party, grimly, and takes them aside to speak to them in private.

“This is proving more difficult than previously hoped. There are too many strong minded people in that room. And all want different things.”

He sighs.

“Our spies put the Circle’s army as arriving in the morning. They wait still for some troops to arrive back to Harkenwold. It seems they mean to attack us head on. There have been several small skirmishes already. But I fear we are not ready for what tomorrow brings.”

Looking each party member in the eyes, he continues:

“I need your help to rally these people behind me. If we are to succeed in this matter, there needs to be clear leadership. Can you help?”

The warforged says nothing. But places his hand on Dar’s shoulder as he moves past him and back into the barn. A commotion has erupted as the leading members of the resistance argue.

“Friends” says RP118, speaking with poise and respect. “I have studied many a book of war and know that the battles that were lost, were done so by bickering. There have been times before where different factions would argue and this would lead to disaster. Lady Ilyana, this is especially true in the case of humans working alongside elves. So, please, let us all put aside our differences and place our trust in Dar Gremath. He has thought much of the battle to come.”

All in the room are quiet. In shock almost as hearing the construct speak of history. But it is enough for the individuals to put aside their differences. For the moment. RP118 spends several more hours smoothing over differences. Even so much as talking down a few members of Dar Gremath’s rebels from trying to seize power on the eve of battle.

Lady Mondergreen instructs several of the troops in the matter of warfare. Belittling the Iron Circle all the while. This boosts the confidence and battle prowess of several platoons.

Glaimes Fireforge leads many troops in prayer. Though a priest of Moradin, he prays for his divine host to aid the troops in battle. Blessing several soldiers, imparting a little of Moradin’s justice and strength.

Taking to himself, Gish retreats to a quiet corner of the barn and meditates. Taking solace in his training.

Graydon heads south to scout out the enemies position and troop number. Using his shadow wielding techniques to elude the enemy host. He is away when the party settle down for the night to wait for the morning. They have little rest.

Just as the sun begins to rise, distant war drums wake the party. The Halfling’s cot still empty. Packing their things, the adventurers ready themselves for war.



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