Unicorn Operations Pty Ltd

The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 9

The lord and the devils.

The party, minus Graydon, are directed to one of the flanks by Dar Gremath. As a small contingent of Iron Circle troops attempts to make it’s way behind the rebel army. These are led by a woman with a metal whip which she uses with deadly effect. Though, the party quickly dispatch these troops.

At the same, Graydon is making his way back into town from his scouting mission. Hearing footsteps and the clanging of armour, he takes to the rooftops. Several Iron Circle soldiers have made it around the main force of the army, or secreted themselves within the town until the battle began, and are now covertly making their way towards the rebel headquarters. Having the advantage of the rooftop, Graydon notches an arrow to his bow and downs one of the soldiers. Not even realising they had lost a comrade, the soldiers keep moving. Another falls. This time it is noticed and the soldiers look for the source of the arrow.

Leaning over the edge of the roof, the halfling looses another shot. Downing a third. The remaining soldiers attempt to make their way up the side of the building to reach the halfling. Graydon removes his short sword and fights the first soldier to climb onto the roof. Blows are traded before Graydon takes advantage of an opening and kicks the soldier off the roof. He follows him down and lands on another soldier, knocking him down. He quickly ends him with a jab.

The last soldier, nearly on the roof, begins the climb back down. Graydon once again notches an arrow and takes aim. He looses the shaft and the soldier falls from the second floor with a thud.

The halfling continues on to meet up with his fellows.

The party regroup as another assault is launched. This time there are among the opposing force devils holding fiery black balls. They creatures resemble Tieflings in a manner but look more menacing. More fiendish. And they drip tar from their pores which they collect in their hands, light and hurl towards the party.

This battle is particularly bloody as the party are pushed to their limits. They finish the battle, exhausted.

Not much of a rest is had before a cry is heard. Looking down the road they see a large man riding a horse with several Iron Circle soldiers keeping pace.

He dismounts his horse and makes his way towards the group. Gish acts fast and jumps in the mans way. He strikes at the large man and misses. As the man dodges out of the way, he brings around his metallic whip and lashes Gish, who falls to the ground.

Flipping to his feet, Gish attempts to strike once again. The man skilfully dodges the blow and sweeps Gish off his feet again in a devastating blow. Lying on the floor, near death, Gish looks up at the man who is standing over him. The man chuckles.

“Is that the best you’ve got? Know that you now face Lord Nazin Redthorn. Lord of the Iron Circle armies. You face your doom.”

Redthorn steps over Gish towards the rest of the party as he swings his whip.

Graydon jumps up the closest tree pulling out his short bow in the process. Knocking an arrow, he starts picking off soldiers rushing the party’s position.

Lady Mondergreen and Glaimes move toward Redthorn while Gears hangs back and unleashes arcane missiles at oncoming soldiers.

Nazin Redthorn nearly kills the whole party. Yet, working together, they manage to wound him enough that he escapes and limps off. Mounting his horse, he yells back to the party, saying: “Damn you Unicorne Operations! You will rue this day!”

With that, he rides off. Leaving but a few soldiers and tar devils to clean up.

After the battle, the party find Dar Gremath by the rebel headquarters. He congratulates the group and offers them some food and a place to rest, recuperate and have their wounds tended to. It seems the rebels were victorious during the day. Having only sustained only minor losses compared to the crushing blow dealt to the Iron Circle.

Harkenwold is free of Iron Circle oppression now. Only Harken and Iron Keep remain under control of the coward Nazin Redthorn.



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