The Goblin squire that the team captured during their escapades in Malareth's dungeon.


The Goblin squire that the team captured during their escapades in Malareth’s dungeon. The last goblin to survive in the team’s second last encounter. Obviously a runt of it’s kind, Bubbles is helpful to the adventurers as long as he is kept alive.


While growing up amongst goblinkin, Bubbles (as he is now known) would be picked on due to his staus as runt. His brothers, sisters, and mother would all pick on him. His own grandmother would have had a few cruel words for the little green goblin had she survived long enough. Bubbles own father wouldn’t even speak to him.

Often Bubbles would only get scraps from dinner. When he did manage to get a semi-decent cut of meat, one of his brothers would always steal it. Especially when he would catch his own food. Though, the young one would continually try to make himself useful or prove himself worthy.

Several times Bubbles tried, and failed, this tactic. Only making himself seem more useless in the eyes of his family and tribe. Eventually, Bubbles was sent as a guard to a dark wizard along with several other goblins from the tribe. Mainly to get him out of sight. He was placed in a group with a particularly nasty Bug Bear named Kurrash. Who took much delight in tormenting Bubbles.

One day Bubbles was doing his duty, much to the leering of his fellow guard-goblins when a group of adventurers suddenly entered the room. Eager to prove themselves, the goblins and Kurrash entered combat with the party and all were slain. Bubbles had managed to get in a few strikes, but his heart wasn’t really in the fight.

As Kurrash and other goblins fell, the adventurers turned their attentions to Bubbles. Who looked at his fallen compatriots. Those who had teased him. Kurrash especially. And Bubbles decided that he didn’t really want to die. Not like this, in the companionship of these goblins that he couldn’t call friends.

So he dropped his sword and, palms towards the party, slowly raised his hands.

Taken aback, the adventurers stopped their advance with intent of killing the small goblin.

They looked to eachother and spoke. Too quickly at first for Bubbles to understand. But when they spoke to him, he could pick up several words, especially, “where Malareth?” and “lead to him.”

Nodding, Bubbles pointed at a door behind the adventurers and spoke, in broken common “Malareth, he in there! In there!”

The party conferred with eachother once more. The goblins eyes darting back and forth between those speaking. Only picking up enough words to realise they were discussing if they should take the diminutive humanoid with them.

“What name?” asked one of the party members.

“Call me what you like!” Blurted out Bubbles. “Just don’t kill me!”

And so Bubbles was henceforth known as Bubbles. And helped the party to defeat the dark wizard, Malareth. And has thus far lived quite happily as, while the party still put down the Goblin, they don’t treat him as poorly as his own kind did.


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