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The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 3
The Toadwallow Caverns

At the mouth of the cave. Gish uses his athletic abilities to get up the cliff face. Dropping down a rope and securing it to a rock, the others follow him up. The player’s move in slowly, checking their surroundings. Lady Mondergreen, ungracefully decides to jump over the small stream running through the cavern. She lands with a crash and ruins any element of surprise the party’s thusfar successful sneaking attempt had granted them.

Two toads jump out from behind a small patch of mushrooms while 2 others step out from two separate cave mouths that lead further in.

3 stirges hover over a pool of water behind the players as the fight rages. They hang back for a bit before swooping in at the smell of blood. Two of them find one of the leaper’s and attach themselves to it and proceed to drink him dry. They fly back to their pool, bellies full of toad juice. The third tries to attach itself to RP118. It moves past the swatting the giant robot makes at it and successfully plunges it’s proboscis into what flesh the robot has. Nearly drinking the construct dry of what vital liquids he has, it causes him to faint. Only thanks to the help of cleric Glaimes is RP118 able to recover himself and rid the insect from his person.

The 4 toads now dead, RP seeks vengeance and unleashes a wall of flame at the striges over their water hole. This wall of flame didn’t kill them however. Gish and Lady Mondergreen had to jump into the pool and finish them off. Ending the combat.

The party heals up and recognises the mushrooms growing. A nature check reveals that they provide some benefits once consumed. They wash them off and stow them for later consumption. One, a bloodcap mushroom, grants greater fighting capabilities. While the other, a milkcap mushroom, provides greater life and vigour.

Moving deeper into the cavern, RP118 lights his staff to help the party better see. Gish successfully manages to sneak into the next chamber. This reveals absolutely no movement with the exception of a couple of black oozes that slink around a refuse pit. As the party moves deeper into the cavern they see a dragon’s skull but not the rest of the great beast. Leading them to believe that it has been moved here from somewhere else.

A tongue lashes out from one of the many holes in the skull and strikes at them. The party jumps back. The walls start moving as several figures, seemingly part of the surrounding walls, dislodge themselves and slowly move down to the ground. The party is surrounded!
Launching an assault the party focuses on the minions around them. They fall easily when hit as they have hardly the stomach for the fight. Gloorpk uses several of his abilities to varying effect. His superior cover grants him greater confidence as the fighter and monk both have to move in to strike at him. Often at times missing the creature.

After a mighty blow that renders Gloorpk bloodied he yells out to the party. It appears he speaks a gutteral, yet simplified, version of common. He promises to show the party where he has stashed his treasure if they agree to let him live. After some discussion on the topic, Gish (being lawfully good) persuades the company to let him live. Though, on the condition they take Groopk back to Tor’s Hold to face justice there. They do not let the creature in on this plan and tell him he will live. “I want your word!” it croaks, which the party gives. Groopk still does not trust the party and a semi stand off takes places as the creature cowers inside his skull.

“Well? Where is the treasure” asks Glaimes. While the creature Groopk, who was hoping for the party to let him leave before he told them, realises that this won’t happen. Successful bluff and diplomacy checks manage to convince the creature. His scheming brain looks for an escape for himself as he croaks: “Under skulls in chamber… Behind you.”

The oozes still meander round the refuse hole unaware of the potential meal. It appears that they are kept well fed and have no interest in attacking the party.

Groopk manoeuvres his way out of the skull cautiously. It backs towards the entrance slowly until the party spring their trap. Several successful skill checks (including athletics, strength and acrobatics) manage to subdue the creature long enough to tie it up. Though he doesn’t not go quietly.

Having managed to do what they came here to do, the party moves back towards the waterfall. RP118 hangs back, however, looking at the black oozes. Fecal matter, animal fat, and other refuse come animate. The robot doesn’t feel he could let something like that live and moves to attack it. Only by the party’s surprise by a returning Bullywug raiding party are the group spared an encounter with the filthy things.

A hulking toad creature approaches the cave with a crude looking spear in one hand. In the other, a short rope is grasped tightly that ends in a noose around the neck of a Halfling boy. His face is ghostly white and looks visibly fatigued. Two smaller bullywugs with javelins and a pair of giant frogs accompany them.

The raiding party sees Gloorpk being led to the cave entrance by Lady Mondergreen. Seeing the group before her, she moves the toad in front of her and holds the blade of her sword to it’s throat. The largest of the 5 Bullywugs calls out in it’s primordial language to Gloorpk who croaks what seem like a few words before Lady Mondergreen silences him.

“Tell them to drop their weapons, or you die.” She whispers into it’s ear hole.

At this, the chieftain croaks something down to the party. Who do not drop their weapons but rather, ready themselves for battle.

“What did you tell them? WHAT?!” She yells at it, pressing the sword edge up against it’s throat.

“You go free, if you let… me… go.” It says.

Successfully intimidating the creature, Lady Mondergreen says “No, deal is, they drop their weapons, we walk past. Everyone lives. You tell them this, or you find yourself on the end of my sword. Understand?”

It nods vigourously. The chieftain is obviously frightened. The raiding party look up to the party and their chief with what would pass for a worried expression in their race. The large creature, however, looks stoic in his stance. Ready for whatever is going to happen.

Gloorpk crocks down to his compatriots once again. They once again do not relinquish their weapons. Glaimes has stood by thus far and believes he understands these creatures somewhat in the short time he has spent here. He successfully uses this insight to gleam that, while the creature is visibly scared, his posture, tone of voice (well, croak really) and confidence suggest that he is planning to attack. He conveys this to Lady Mondergreen.
She simply says, “aw, crap.” And knocks the creature over the head, throwing him into the pool the striges once occupied. Drawing her great axe, she moves further back into the cave.
At seeing this display, the raiding party readies themselves. Uggloor drops the rope and readies his spear. The Halfling boy backs up and runs off as soon as he is able. With great speed, the 5 creatures move up the cliff with ease. But as soon as they reach the top, battle erupts. Glaimes strikes at Uggloor and hits while Lady Mondergreen bull rushes the creature and successfully pushes him off the cliff side. It lands next to the river bed with a thud, taking serious damage.

Glaimes steps up and reaches his hand back behind his head. As if reaching for a weapon. A ray of golden light materialises in his hand that he hurls down at Uggloor. It hits and sears the creature with a golden radiance. The sparks linger around the target that helps guide an arcane attack from RP118, landing a devastating blow.

Focusing on the creatures that remain atop the wall, Gish unleashes a devastating attack, moving around each creature. Landing blows on and drawing blood from them all. They cough and splutter, but still stand, jumping back into the fray.

Regaining it’s wits, the creature Uggloor stands and hurls his spear at the first enemy he spies atop the cliff. In his rage however, it flies wild and misses completely.

Unleashing her inner demon, the Lady Mondergreen transforms, becoming a vision a hate. Darkness radiates from her flesh as she takes a running leap from the top of the cliff. She lands atop Uggloor, who falls back to the ground. The force of the impact is so great that it drives him into the soft mud by the riverside with a sickening crunch. His injuries are so great that he succumbs to his wounds and dies.

Gish is fighting a battle on two fronts and decides to shift himself free. Though, not before unleashing an attack so powerful it sends one of his opponents staggering back off of the cliff side. The creature lands awkwardly on it’s head with an audible snap and lays lifeless. Shifting free of combat gives RP118 a chance to step in closer.

The constructs hands glow orange with heat as a fiery burst of flames erupts from the palms of his hands. This catches all foes remaining on the ledge within the blast. Two of which seemingly burn from the inside out and fall limp. The third throws itself into the water to extinguish the flame but is visibly weakened by the attack.

Gish attempts to persuade the party to take the last creature captive along with it’s chief. Lug them both back to Tor’s Hold and let them face justice. But, as he talks to the party, Lady Mondergreen strolls on up. Still radiating pure hatred and evil, slits the poor creatures throat, dropping it in the pool of water. To the dismay of the lawfully good Gish.
After the encounter, the young Halfling comes running back towards the group. He is startled by Lady Mondergreen’s beastly vision, but as he blinks, her countenance fades back to norm. And the boy smiles. “Thank you he says! They captured me down by the waterfront. Ambushed me and my family they did!”

Stepping forth, Glaimes says: “no worries lad, you are safe now. Come, we will return you to your people.”

And so Glaimes, Lady Mondergreen and the Halfling set off from the caverns. Gloorpk in tow and with a new hoard of weapons and treasure. Towards Tor’s Hold they march, along the river side, searching for the halfing’s kin.

RP118’s judgement gets the better of him and he stays back to end whatever life that keeps the two oozes moving. Despite wanting to accompany the Tiefling, Dwarf and Halfing back to Tor’s hold, Gish cannot leave his compatriot to face the monsters alone. And they re-enter the caves.

Thinking it will be an easy battle, RP118 uses his best abilities straight up. Seeing that these enemies are tougher than originally thought, the construct steps towards to exit. Gish rushes in and unleashes devastating punch after punch taking much life from the gelatinous creatures.

The oozes strike back, attacking the closest enemy. Gish being the unfortunate one becomes bloodied by the assault and retreats closer to RP118’s position. Which is now by the cave entrance.

As they near the exit, both oozes catch up and manage to knock Gish unconscious. Before the oozes have another chance to attack, the construct manages to drag his friend away from the fight. Picking up his fallen compatriot, RP118 heads down the rope and limps off after his friends.

The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 2
The Farmhouse, The Druid and Bran Torsson.

Consulting their map, the party decides to head to the first town they see. Turning off the road for Tor’s Hold. While the rest of the party hanging back, Gish sneaks up in an attempt to see if there is anything that may threaten the party. There wasn’t. He calls for his fellows to join him as he steps from the shadows. Not having spotted the monk on his approach, several archers look dumfounded at the appearance of the green humanoid. Only to be visibly startled to see a demon, metal man and a dwarf come strolling up their walkway.

“How there friend archer! May we come in?” puts forth bold Gish.

Readying arrows to their bowstrings the archers rectify their earlier ineptness. “Nae” one speaks, audibly flustered, “you will wait until Bran Torsson comes.”

The party now sees Tor’s hold as it is. A wall too high for a man to climb surrounds several buildings. The roofs and chimneys of these jut out behind the stonework. The sound of murmuring comes from over the wall. Obviously the party has riled up the town. After several minutes a middle-aged man appears at the battlements. He speaks boisterously,

“Who are ye? And what are you doing here?”

Gish speaks once again, “we have travelled far from Fallcrest and seek food & rest & a soft bed. May we enter?”

The man, Bran Torsson his name, damn well shouts at the party: “You? You want to enter our town? We are in too much of a bind to be letting strangers enter our little village. There be reaver’s afoot and them damn stinking toads down river. Nae, we cannot trust you. Now begone.”

After being so rudely turned away, Lady Mondergreen considers burning it to the ground. She voices her idea to the party who persuade her out of it. Likely this town is too weak to be allowing just anyone they cannot trust into see them. Surely strange things are afoot.

And so the party keep walking down the road. Soon, they spy a trail of smoke in the air. Some discussion takes place and they decide to investigate. As they close on the smoke they see it comes from an outhouse that even now still smoulders. The outhouse belonging to a farmhouse that several soldier’s stand around. They light torches of pitch and are accompanied by a pair of wolves. The soldiers laugh and taunt whoever is inside the house. On the cloak the soldier’s wear is a device, a gray ring. One of the wolves, sensing the group, lets out a growl and turns to face the party. One of the soldier’s notices and follows the animal’s gaze to see the party. He yells to them:

“Oi! Move on you there! This is Iron Circle business!”

At this you hear a woman’s voice call out from inside the farmhouse, “Business?” she scoffs, “It looks more like robbery to me!”

Gish sneaks around the storage shed as Lady Mondergreen & Glaimes charge in. RP118 moves up and readies his magic missile. Not expecting a fight, the brigands move up themselves as one of the wolves runs and jump over the fence. Most of the guards draw their crossbows as they move in and take shots at those they can see. One, though, hangs back, watching.

As soon as the wolves are over the wall, RP118’s missile goes off and hits one of the canines. The first soldier makes it through the gate and draws his sword. Others let off bolts from their crossbows and several find their targets.

Gish successfully makes it around the back unseen and springs up onto a cart and lands between two soldier’s. He unleashes a devastating attack.

Lady Mondergreen and Glaimes attack multiple targets and shift back as RP118 moves in and unleashes a Flame attack. Bloodying several enemies and char grilling a wolf.

Combat concludes shortly after and a half elf Woman exits the farmhouse. Two boys move up behind her. She explains what happened and was is happening to Harkenwold. How the Reaver’s took her husband and that the player’s should seek out Dar Gremath in Albridge should they wish to help. Or, perhaps, the old druid, Reithann. They can find her at the druid’s grove and may also be able to point the party in the right direction.

After a short rest and helping to clean up the mess of the battle, the party travels onward to the grove and to find Reithann. They arrive after a short walk and find the druid with a halfing woman named Lorel and a young man named Theren. Her apprentices. She suggests helping Tor’s Hold with a Bullywug problem they are having. “If the hold is no longer troubled by the frog monsters” she says, “then this will free up two score stout fighters to aid the rebellion.”

Returning to Tor’s Hold, the party asks to speak with the leader. He speaks atop the parapet and asks “truly your party is seeking death, coming back a second time?”

The group suggests that if they take care of their monster problem, will they be friendly? The man insists that if the player’s are genuine they will come back with proof once it is done.

With this, the player’s ask for directions. The man softens some and comes down through the door. He asks if they have a map already, they do, and he marks where the Toadwallow caves are located.

The party heads off.

The Reavers of Harkenwold - Part 1
A new adventure begins.

Map harkenworld01

What follows is the altered script for the intro to this setting. I’ve made it reflect what did happen during it’s course.

We last left you young adventurers upon Malareth’s demise and having just discovered the grim contents of the wooden box. The same box which a dwarf named Traveus employed you to retrieve. Now, you have returned to the town of Fallcrest and set yourself up in the basement of the Silver Unicorn. This serves as your base of operations in Fallcrest and provides somewhere for Bubbles to remain out of sight. As goblins are not very well tolerated in human society. You manage to stow the box, and it’s contents within, in a hiding spot and set out into the town. Seeking out the dwarf Traveus, you find him at the Nentir Inn. The cheaper of the two Inn’s within Fallcrest and one that attracts the more… interesting… clientele. The dwarf sits at a table to himself with a plate in front of him that contains the leftovers from his afternoon meal. He greets you heartedly, mug in hand, and invites you to join him. He motions for the bar maid to bring over 4 more, holding up 4 stubby fingers.

“Ah! My adventurers! Please, sit. Join me!”

Sitting around the table, an awkward silence descends upon the group.

He slides the promised reward across the table and looks at you expectantly.

“The box? You found it, didn’t you? I don’t see it here. Tell me you have kept it safe?”

Glaimes, the only dwarf in the party speaks up, “Yes, we did. It’s safe for the moment.”

“Oh, thank the gods.” says Traveus. “I don’t know what I would have done had it been lost.”

“Do you even know what it was that was inside it?” puts forth Glaimes.

Obviously deflecting the question, the dwarf goes on to say “Well, you see, I was chartered to take it further east. Through to Harken in Harkenwold. But it seems that…”

He is cut off as the barmaid places the mugs of ale on the table in front of the adventurers. The dwarf smiles and nods thanks as she simply grimaces and leaves.

“…it seems that there has been no communication coming from that way. And now several families, refugees, have arrived telling tales of invaders.”

He gives this new information a few minutes to sink in.

“Now, the Lord Warden, Lord Faren Markelhay, has asked to see you. I took my plight to him and told him all about you young adventurers. He said that if you should return, he would like to see you. You can usually find him up at the keep.”

When pressed further about the box, Traveus looks abashed.

“Honestly, I did not know what it contained. I promise you that. Based on all of it I guess something evil. Just that, I was told if it didn’t arrive that the cost would be my head. The one who, well, hired me to take it further on was a large, two horned lad. Looks a little you there." gesturing towards Lady Mondergreen, "Err… Only male. Forgive me. A Teef-leeng? I was too scared to say nae I cannot. And he did give me a bit of coin.”

A successful INSIGHT CHECK of 8+ will prove this accurate. But that he is still dodging about the contents. His body language is visibly uncomfortable and he shifts as he talks.

When asked about what he plans to do with the box now:

“What’ll I do with it now? Might hire another bunch of adventurers to take the box up to a monastery I know of. Up in the hills it is. Secluded. It’ll be safe there. They’ll destroy it, remove it’s evil. Something. Better than it going to Harkenwold and being used for evil. Based on what we’ve been hearing. Just, hold onto it for a little bit longer I beg you. Until I can find a few more adventurers to help me out. Lord Faren has promised me protection. Gods hope he keeps his promise.”

Here I had forgotten that the dwarf had not actually divulged what was in the box. But, in my defence, I did write it while I was at work just before we were to get together.

“Now go, you dinnae want to keep Lord Faren waiting.”

Approaching Moonstone keep see that the structure is mainly a tall tower surrounded by a wall. Atop the wall at regular intervals sit archers at the ready. You are admitted to the keep upon telling the guard who you are and immediately ushered through to the tower and into what you believe to be Lord Faren’s study. A large desk sits near a fire place. Weapons, shields, banners and hunting trophies adorn the walls. You are left waiting to inspect the room a few minutes until a middle aged man bursts through the door. A well built man with a browny red beard. While he looks to be dressed as an adventurer himself and carries a long sword, he wears regal looking robes with the crest of his family emblazoned upon them. This is Lord Faren.

He quickly surveys the adventurers.

“Thank you for waiting, I’ll be brief. I have grown worried about our neighbouring Barony of Harkenwold. We have not heard from them for a while now and grow concerned. The Baron there, a cousin of mine, has not responded to any letters I have sent. And the riders we send do not return.

Now, most troubling of all, we have refugees arriving in Fallcrest telling of war and the Baron himself being locked away in his own dungeon. Indeed, from your faces, you can see this is bad news. I wish for you to travel to Harkenwold and discover what it is that is happening and provide help if needed. You have proven to be able to handle yourselves with the recovery of the dwarf Traveus’ box. And in this, no doubt, you will be successful.”

Upon being asked about money:

“How much did Traveus pay you for retrieving the box? Good, I’ll pay you that now, and hold you a feast upon your return. If it is true that the Baron of Harkenwold is imprisoned, I’m sure that freeing him he be quite grateful. Maybe enough so that he will reward you greatly himself.”

If pressed for more payment, Farken simply says: “You will surely bankrupt this town. No, I cannot afford it.”

If the players agree to undertake the quest (they did), Lord Farken says the following:

“Good! Leave in the morning. Rest up. But first, come by the keep again, I’ll have some travelling rations and your gold to collect. I shall not be here but my guards will look after you.”

Once the adventurers agree, Lord Faren says:
“Here, take this map. It is a copy of one of mine and is the latest recorded map we have . Though, this was about 5 years ago. Fare well, adventurers, you must regale me with your exploits upon your return.”

This map is one I made based on the map that came in the adventure booklet. I simply did not include the smaller places and ones off the track. Though, I did not delete them entire. Just removed their names. This I did in Photoshop

You return to the Unicorn and rest for the night. Rising, you have a hearty breakfast, wash and dress yourselves. Heading up to the keep, once again you are admitted where you are each given 50g and a weeks worth of travelling rations.

You travel for 2 days and two nights before you reach Harkenwold.

The Twisting Halls pt.3 - Malareth
Facing the Necromancer.

Dn d char02

Listening through the door the party is able to hear muffled movement. Clacking of bones and gurgling of intestines. As well as a voice. A voice belonging to a man demanding that something, whatever or whoever it is, give up it’s secrets. Leading the way, the bold fighter opens the door and steps through.

The room they step into is a study of sorts. While dimly lit, there are several candles providing illumination. Several tables are strewn with vials, notes and containers of various coloured liquids. It stinks of death and chemicals. A gaunt man dressed in a black cloak is bent over examining a box on the table. The box is certainly Traveus’ and the man, Malareth.

3 skeletons armed with longswords look at you without emotion as the door swings shut. To the parties right is a hulking zombie, apparently, the animated corpse of an ogre. Barely looking up from the box, which is obviously consuming him, Malareth simply growls, “Dispose of them.”

Initiative was rolled and combat began. The skeletons moved in as fast as they could. While the zombie lurches towards the players as well. Gish, even though the party suggested otherwise, leapt up onto the table and went straight for Malareth. Taking several blows from the spry monk, Malareth still stood, and when he was up unleashed his fury. Casting death burst at the cluster of humanoids and undead crowded by the door. Those hit suffered necrotic damage while the undead gained temporary health. Undoing much of the damage already done by the party.

Focusing on Malareth, the party finally managed to bring him down. As soon as he fell so did the skeletons as the necromantic link between them died. Now faced only with the hulking zombie, the party unleashed their daily powers, and brought it down swiftly.

With combat concluded, the party healed up and looked about the room. Finding a chest in the back, the party discovered 200g and a +1 Magical Staff. That was split evenly and the staff RP118 gratefully accepted. Picking up the box, the party found it lined with black velvet that cradled a human skull. A successful arcana roll determined that the skull was obviously a focus for some kind of necromantic energy. Immediately they wondered what it was doing in the possession of Traveus.

Here we called an end to this sitting and this part of the adventure. Picked up next when the player’s return to Fallcrest and set up shop. And go searching for Traveus to find out why he was transporting such an auspicious item.

So, the party didn’t explore the whole dungeon. And for each encounter I gave them the total XP each instead of dividing it between them. As I was supposed to. This is an error that we noted and fixed in our next sitting. I also was allowing the players to swap their move AND minor parts of their turns to combine them for another standard. Which was wrong. The confusion for me was that you could swap your standard for a move or a minor. I did not realise you could not do it the other way around. And in the interest of keeping things interesting I decided, as DM, to move the party back to Fallcrest and continue on with their next adventure. Instead of clearing out the dungeon or ‘grinding’ for XP. Which doesn’t seem what this game is about.

Though, I do realise that it is important for the player’s to make up their own way. Rather than have me as the DM lead them.

The Twisting Halls pt.2 - Kurrash the Bugbear
The party blindly steps into the next room.

The party enter in on a large, empty room. Dust has coated the floor leaving tracks of goblins and other beasts plain to see. A door stands in the wall opposite them and another on the wall to the right. There is a goblin poking around in an alcove on the left as they enter. It yelps in surprise.

Deciding to simply start wailing on the goblin, initiative was rolled, and combat begun. 2 more goblins appeared from the side room and were quick to move in. While a large creature resembling a hairy goblin burst through the door opposite the one the party entered. This large creature, a bugbear named Kurrash, used it’s great axe to strike at the party. Dealing massive damage.

Once two of the goblins and Kurrash lay dead, a successful intimidate check helped the party to subdue the final goblin. Who dropped it’s short sword with a clang. It dropped to it’s knees and begged for mercy. The party put to the goblin, with a successful diplomacy check, that if it aided them then they would allow it to live. It readily agreed and point to a door through the next room saying “Malareth is through there!”

“What is your name?” enquired the party, to which the goblin said “call me what you wish! Just don’t kill me!”

And thus, after much deliberation, he was named Bubbles.

For this encounter the party received:

Looking around the area, the party discovered tables full of items. Rolling a d8, they received:

  • 50ft of rope
  • 3 days of edible rations
  • a dozen candles
  • 5 gallons of water

Which the loaded Bubbles up with to carry.

Taking a short rest, the party decide that it would be wise to listen through the door this time. Instead of boldly stepping through.

Continued in part 3.

The Twisting Halls pt.1 - The Dragon
Looking for the wooden box, our adventurers discover more than they hope for.

Pressing into the mouth of the lair, the party finds it empty, abandoned. Though, they do spy two entrances that they believe lead further into dungeon and towards the missing box. Deciding to take doorway two the party pushes on.

##Side Note
Being the second time we got together to play, two of the players had decided they wanted to change their characters. Both race and class. Initially there was a Tiefling warlock and a I’ve actually forgotten what the other was.

The air is noticeably colder on this side of the door. The hallway in which you stand is lit by candles set in alcoves. Curtains of red velvet hand in archways along the passageways. Small and scaly humanoids, Kobolds, snarl at you as they clutch at their short spears. They watch the party with their yellow eyes.

##Side Note
At this point the players just wanted to start swinging away with their swords. I had to stop them and explain I hadn’t asked them to roll initiative and thus were not in combat. Realising this, they decided to parley instead.

Gish steps up and gestures that he and the party don’t want to fight. One of the Kobolds bravely steps forward and says in a squeaky yet gutteral voice, “Come, you follow.”
Trying to talk more, Gish attempts to ask the creature a question. Which is answered simply with, “You follow, you follow.”

The party is led to a velvet curtain at the end of the hallway they entered. Stepping up again, the lead kobold gestures for the party to enter. Sensing the cold here even more than they did earlier they pull back the curtains. And enter.

A gush of wintry wind hits them and a low, rumbling voice speaks: “What are you doing in my lair?” Claw like daggers scrape across the stone floor as the white scaled dragon shifts. It stretches it’s long neck to glare at the party, waiting for a response.

##Side Note
Being the first Skill Challenge for both me as a DM and the player’s, I took it easy. While the kobolds were minions, it would have been more beneficial for the player’s to see that not every encounter has to be about hacking and slashing. It also helped us all the get into the role-playing. Which was a little touchy at best. But kind of fun anyway. Plus, the dragon would have torn them apart.

The party were successfully able to talk to the dragon and agree to rid it’s dungeon of Malareth. A necromancer that has taken up residence in a deeper part of the dungeon. While he does provide treasure for Farallax’s (the dragon) hoard it knows that Malareth’s compliments and respect are false. And the dragon wishes him gone. Promising them magic armour and some coin should they be successful. The party ask where they can find Malareth and Farallax indicates he is through the door in the next chamber.

Thanking the dragon, the party walks blindly into through the door into the next chamber.

Continued in part 2.

Your First Encounter
Our adventurers are startled by 2 wolves and a pair of goblins.

This part of the adventure happened some weeks back now. Our players were hired in Fallcrest to find a missing box by a dwarf named Traveus. One of the party was present when it was stolen by goblins and a mysterious dark rider. Following the goblins to their lair, this particular adventurer was overcome and retreated back to town to regroup. Finding other heroes in various inns and alehouses throughout town they all set out again.

The sound of howling has followed them since leaving town. They approach a crossroads near the site of the goblin lair when wolves appear from behind rocks along the side of the road. The wolves growled menacingly. With a shrill cry, two goblins jump out from behind a ruined tower and rush to attack.

Being one of the parties first encounters, it was not recorded in it’s entirety. Needless to say, they were successful in defeating their opponents. Though, not without taking a lot of damage. Unfortunately, this brought us to the end of our night. And pressing on to the mouth of the lair, they decided to rest.

They earned 450xp. Received 2 pairs of leather armour, 2 light shields, 2 short swords, and 4 daggers.

##Side Note
Most of this night was in fact spent setting up characters and learning the rules. These rules were learnt mainly during the encounter so the turns were quite long. Still, by the end of the encounter, all of us still felt as though we knew very little of how to play the game. While it was quite a blast and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, it was quite a time consuming experience. Our next encounter went a lot quicker and the players managed to get quite deep into the Goblins lair.


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